InsureMyTrip issues camping safety guidance


InsureMyTrip issues camping safety guidance | Insurance Business Canada

Must-haves include appropriate cover

InsureMyTrip issues camping safety guidance


Terry Gangcuangco has published safety-centric guidance for camping enthusiasts this season.

Campers are urged to prioritize food safety by storing provisions securely away from tents and elevated off the ground to prevent encounters with wildlife. Additionally, in dry conditions, it is crucial to heed fire bans and keep the area clean to prevent wildfires.

When trekking through regions with potential plant hazards, wearing protective clothing and carrying treatments like calamine lotion can help protect against poisonous plants. High-altitude areas also pose unique health risks; staying hydrated and recognizing symptoms of altitude sickness, such as headaches and nausea, are important precautions.

For those travelling to another province, territory, or country to camp, it’s important to note that the Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan may only provide partial coverage. An all-inclusive policy can safeguard against expensive medical emergencies and other unforeseen travel-related issues, including trip cancellation or interruption and baggage loss or delay.

The travel insurance comparison site highlighted that such insurance can cover various unexpected issues that may arise while camping. Prepaid, non-refundable campsite reservations can be insured, as can pre-booked, non-refundable RV (recreational vehicle) rental fees.

Travel insurance may also offer coverage for trip cancellations or interruptions due to accidents, vehicle breakdowns, or road closures. Depending on the policy, it might also extend to natural disasters that render a campsite uninhabitable, based on travel advisories.

“It’s extremely important to read through and understand what a policy does and does not cover,” stressed. “If you have any questions, InsureMyTrip’s licensed customer care representatives can walk you through a plan so you better understand what you’re buying.”

Earlier this year, InsureMyTrip promoted Suzanne Morrow to chief executive.

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