7 Underrated Travel Snacks to Buy at Walmart, According to a Food Writer


For as long as there’s been a highway system (and maybe even longer), the warm embrace of summer has meant road trip season. In my house, we call it “Cabrio weather” because my husband’s desire to hit the road in his vintage Volkswagen with the top down increases proportionally with the heat of the sun. While part of the goal is always to find fun roadside restaurants, for long trips, it’s a necessity to have some snacks at the ready for the broad stretches when the dining is mostly limited to fast food. 

As a confirmed Walmart shopper, it’s my belief that there’s nowhere more convenient to pick up travel tummy-fillers. In fact, when I’m especially busy, I leave that step until we’re already on the road. Here are some of my favorites.

7 Underrated Travel Snacks from Walmart

1. Great Value Organic Dried Mango Strips

Some brands of dried mango feature strips of the fruit coated in sugar, but these chewy strips are made with no added sugar. Plus mangoes are rich in the antioxidant mangiferin, which is noted for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. At $4.88 for just 5 ounces, it’s a higher-priced pick. But I’ve weighed my priorities, and they include buying all of the sweet-and-sour snacks that I can fit in my grocery bag.

2. Great Value Original Turkey Sausage Sticks

I have fond childhood memories of snapping into Slim Jims, but there are other more nutritious alternatives these days with less sodium and saturated fat—like this pick made with turkey. When I need a little energy on the road, these meat snacks help me feel fueled so I can skip a stop at the drive-thru. And at $3.72, they are indeed a great value, especially for an 8-ounce package that lasts me multiple car trips.

3. Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

My husband has been known to eat cheese puffs straight out of the tub for a meal, using chopsticks to keep his fingers clean. I’ve been trying to better balance that habit with these baked vegan snacks that use chickpeas to pack in the protein and fiber. My favorite is the White Cheddar flavor, which despite not having a hint of animal products in it, somehow tastes as cheesy as a plate of cacio e pepe pasta.

4. Whisps Baked Cheese Bites

I don’t have a problem with real cheese, either. The nutty baked Parmesan crisps that Walmart stocks in boxes filled with six miniature snack packs are something I would make at home if I had the time, but where’s the convenience there? They have 6 grams of protein per serving, so munching on a snack made entirely out of cheese helps me stick to my (mostly) high-protein diet while I’m on the road.

5. Simple Mills Rosemary & Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers

Want another cheesy option? Sharing old-fashioned cheese and crackers can make hours in the car feel more like a picnic. I grab cubes of cheese (and sometimes charcuterie, too) at the front of the Walmart grocery, near the produce department, then enjoy them with these grain-free crackers. They’re made with a blend of inflammation-fighting foods like almonds, sunflower seeds and flaxseed, and they’re more flavorful and less greasy than some other brands.

6. Naked Juice Green Machine

It’s not easy to get your vegetables on the road. That’s why my husband and I like to split a big bottle of a green smoothie when we start the day. Throughout my travels, whether hopping on a plane or just driving to the next state over, this no-sugar-added drink has been a flavor-packed habit for me. A variety of fruit juices sweeten a combination of greens, including broccoli, spinach and wheatgrass. Each anti-inflammatory 8-ounce serving includes 25% of my daily requirement for vitamin B6 and 50% of vitamin C, helping to power us through whatever stops we plan for the day.

7. Trü Frü Nature’s Raspberries

Dessert? Don’t mind if I do!  Not only does this snack taste great, the chocolate and airy dehydrated raspberries it’s made with both have antioxidant properties. Think of these as malted milk balls you would happily feed to your kids—or yourself.

Bottom Line

I look at every day of eating as a choose-your-own-adventure story. But unlike in the children’s books, there are more than just two paths. I like to mix fruits and vegetables with fun foods that I might not eat as often and, given the variety at Walmart, it’s easy to find options. Yes, travel is an occasion to spoil myself a little, but I prefer to do that when I stop for a roadside sundae than with my car snacks. Still, whatever choices I make that day, a walk down the aisles at Walmart is always part of the plan before I hit the road.


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