The Best Amazon Travel Safety Gear for June 2024


I know some women can’t fathom traveling solo. But for me, it was always a given. Granted, I grew up watching “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” If you’ve never seen it, it’s kind of like the OG “Dora the Explorer.” As silly as the cartoon was, I credit it for inspiring me to pursue a career as a travel writer. Since 2015, I’ve traveled solo to at least 65 countries, (see my top five favorite countries here). I’ve even lived abroad alone — at least long enough to need a haircut or teeth cleaning — on four different continents.

While I haven’t always escaped unscathed, I don’t plan on putting the kibosh on flying solo anytime soon. For me, the rewards still far outweigh the risks. That said, I’ve definitely learned to pack smarter, especially after I was the victim of a mugging in South Africa last year. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time interviewing law enforcement, both in the U.S. and abroad, and other victims. I’ve also gone down the rabbit hole of researching safety products. The surprising result? Instead of feeling more afraid, I feel more empowered. 

The best part is that most of these products created to make solo travel safer cost less than $30 and are TSA-approved for your carry-on. Some are designed for personal safety, others are designed to protect your belongings, even before you get to your destination (in-flight theft is a thing, as evident by this recent viral Reddit post). Disclaimer: These products aren’t foolproof, but they are serious deterrents and provide valuable peace of mind. I don’t think solo travel is for everyone. But if you’re about to embark on an adventure with just you, yourself, and you, please consider packing any of the 10 products below. 

She’s Birdie The Original Personal Safety Alarm 


My friend Sonja, who often runs and cycles alone, first introduced me to this little, potentially life-saving, alarm. With more than 4,000 sold in the last month, it’s an Amazon’s #1 bestseller. To activate the alarm, simply pull the pin. To turn the alarm off, just reinsert the pin. I can say firsthand that perpetrators hate anything that draws attention to them. My mugger ran away the second I started screaming, and my friend, who’s a safety expert, says alarms are actually more effective than pepper spray. Plus, this alarm includes a flashing strobe light. Shoppers love that it’s stylish (it comes in cute colors and looks like an iPod Shuffle) and that it attaches to almost anything via keychain.“The noise level is really good, actually it’s somewhat piercing,” writes one shopper, who got theirs for vacation security and loves how lightweight it is. 

SABRE Personal Safety Kit 


While I love the Birdie, I personally carry SABRE’s alarm because it has a larger range (1,250 feet versus 100 feet). You can buy just the alarm ($12), but I recommend buying this kit, which has an impressive 4.8-star average rating, because it also comes with this law enforcement-approved SABRE pepper spray. Note: Unlike personal safety alarms, pepper spray is NOT permitted in your carry-on luggage. That said, you can pack up to four ounces in checked baggage as long as it has a safety mechanism to prevent it from discharging. But back to the alarm; this one also has a light and is activated by pulling a pin. One shopper says having it on their keychain is like having “an extra little security blanket.”

Vantamo Rechargeable Personal Alarm 


While the above alarms run on batteries that eventually need replacing, this rechargeable one from Vantamo charges via USB-C cable (included). That said, one charge can last up to a year, so you don’t need to plug it in very often. It also comes with a battery level indicator and double-sided speakers — features most other personal alarms lack. Aesthetically, I think it’s the prettiest personal alarm I’ve seen, and based on reviews I’ve read (it has more than 2,900 five-star ratings), it also gets points for being so loud it will leave your ears ringing. “Great for places you can’t take your pepper spray!” reads one review titled “Best travel companion.” 

Nightcap The Original Drink Cover Scrunchie


Knock on wood, no one has ever tried to spike my drink, but I do have friends and family members (including men) who have had this happen to them. That’s why I love the idea of this drink cover “scrunchie.” As seen on “Shark Tank,” it’s basically a scrunchie (yes, you can wear it in your hair), that doubles as a straw-compatible cover for your cup. Technically, the reusable cover is stashed in a hidden sanitary pocket in the scrunchie, so you don’t need to worry about germs. You also don’t need to worry about people slipping things into your drink. It has 4.7 stars and more than 6,500 ratings, and more than 1,000 were purchased in the last month alone. “It seamlessly blends style with safety,” writes one shopper, who deemed it a travel essential.

Geekey Multi-tool


I grew up in rural Montana where it’s not uncommon for girls to receive Leatherman multi-tools before they turn 10. Heck, I got my pink one as a first communion gift when I was just 8 years old. Of course, knives aren’t allowed on planes. But if having a multi-tool on your person makes you feel safer, consider this TSA-approved (even for carry-ons) bestseller with more than 5,100 five-star ratings. “It’s easy to carry, always with you, and, trust me, it has all sorts of gadgets that you can use,” sums up one shopper. Another review, titled “Functional! As a woman I feel comfortable using this tool,” reads: “[A]ll the guys are like, ‘What cool gadget does she have?’” 

HNHMT Portable Door Lock & Door Stop Alarm


I love that has a Travel Proud program, which certifies hotels that have undergone additional training to welcome LGBTQ+ travelers. While I don’t identify as LGBTQ+, I try to book these certified properties because they clearly care about keeping guests comfortable and safe. That said, sometimes I end up in dodgy motels where this portable door lock and door stop alarm are musts. It’s a simple kit that fits most doors. In fact, so many travelers rely on it that more than 3,000 were sold in the last month. “It takes seconds to install … and it’s a very loud alarm,” writes one satisfied shopper, who “slept soundly” knowing that if someone tried to get in the room they’d have time to react and be ready. Note: You don’t need any tools for the lock, but the door stop alarm does require a 9-volt battery (not included). 

BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank


In my opinion, having a dead device is actually worse than not even having a device. For that reason, I try to keep all of my electronics — especially my Apple Watch and iPhone, which my friends and family use to track me —  juiced up. This popular power bank (more than 6,000 were sold last month, and it has nearly 30,000 five-star ratings) is compatible with most devices. It’s also wireless, so you don’t need to worry about packing cables, except for the one you use to charge it, and it doubles as a flashlight. But wait, it gets better! It even comes with a compass. “Lightweight but durable” is how one traveler describes it in their rave review, titled “Important to have.” 

ThunderFit Women’s Silicone Wedding Rings


Yes, fake engagement rings are a thing. They may seem silly; however they can seriously help deter unwanted attention from potential suitors. In the last month alone, I’ve had at least four Uber drivers propose to me. Granted, they lived in developing countries and basically saw me as their ticket to the U.S. (I can’t say I blame them for shooting their shots). I love these particular bands because they’re made of silicone which doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. Plus, they don’t have a gemstone that snags on things. “These fit great and were very comfortable and durable,” recalls one traveler, dubbing them the “the perfect travel ring.” 

Zpsolution Zipper Clip Theft Deterrent


My favorite features of my beloved Cotopaxi Allpa Carry-on are the anti-theft loops for the zippers. Still, most luggage doesn’t come with this built-in security. Fortunately, for just $13, you can make practically any pack or purse unattractive to pickpockets. With more than 2,000 bought last month, these handy theft-deterrent zipper clips are ranked #1 on Amazon’s list of Best Sellers in Zippers. “They were easy to use and I felt my purse and backpack were more secure,” writes one shopper, who used theirs on a recent trip to Europe. And while they work best with double zippers (so you can lock them together), they can also attach to other things. “I simply attached the clasp to my purse zipper and secured it to the strap,” explains another traveler, having used theirs on a recent trip to Italy after they fell victim to a pickpocket in France. 

Travelambo RFID-blocking Leather Clutch 


There are tons of worthwhile RFID-blocking wallets out there, but I love that this one is actually a clutch. In addition to a zippered pocket for coins and cash, it has a phone slot, 25 credit card slots, a receipt slot (gotta keep those receipts for business expenses), and two clear ID windows. All of the contents are protected by an aluminum-embroidered lining that blocks RFID signals. And don’t let the low price fool you. This sleek leather accessory is handmade by a “team of 15 experienced craftsmen.” It has nearly 15,000 five-star ratings, and comes in 20 colors. “I will definitely order this again, but unfortunately, it looks like that won’t be for quite some time,” jokes one “wallet snob,” who praised its durability and said it passed their 32-point inspection process. 

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