Riskline, Travlr ID link to bolster travel safety


Global travel intelligence company Riskline and decentralized identity and profile network Travlr ID, a PhocusWire Hot 25 Travel Startup for 2024, announced they are pairing up in an effort to bolster safety during travel.

The pair are working to allow for real-time risk intelligence to be incorporated into Travlr ID’s platform, which is built on blockchain and self-sovereign identity.

Kennet Nordlien, CEO of Riskline, said the company is proud to be partnering with Travlr ID.

“In today’s world, where travel risks are increasingly dynamic and complex, our collaboration signifies a critical step towards proactive risk management,” said Nordlien.

Nordlien said Tavlr ID’s use of blockchain will help to make sure Riskline’s intelligence finds its way to travelers in a secure and speedy manner – he believes that will transform how the travel industry looks at safety.

Riskline uses artificial intelligence and professional analysts to process data from upwards of 100,000 sources to relay urgent, accurate travel risk assessments. With the integration, users of Travlr ID should be able to receive timely, location-specific notices and alerts.

Meanwhile, Travlr ID gives users the ability to have total control over their data and allows them to decide which of the company’s suppliers has access to their info. In combination with Riskline’s intelligence, the two companies’ capabilities will provide users the option to subscribe to custom travel and insurance plans derived from individual risk profiles as well as destinations. Plus, users will be able to reach personalized safety information, secure document management and emergency communication tools in one location.

Gee Mann, CEO of Travlr ID, called the partnership a game changer. 

“By combining our decentralized identity technology with Riskline’s risk intelligence, we can offer a level of personalization and security that was previously unimaginable,” said Mann. “Our vision is to empower travelers with the information and tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern travel safely.”

The partnership is set to be unfurled in phases with the first step to be focused on integrated risk and emergency communication tools to be followed by risk management plans and decentralized document storage. The two companies plan to continue to improve the partnership and tools offered as it continues in the coming period. 


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