Phil Rosenthal of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ talks food, travel and life


“Somebody Feed Phil” host Phil Rosenthal is headed to Ann Arbor on Wednesday, and before you ask, yes, he already knows where he’s going to eat.

“I’ve gotta hit Zingerman’s, right?” he asks, on the phone from Philadelphia during a day off from his tour earlier this week. “I’ve ordered from there before, so it’s like going to Mecca for me.” 

Phil Rosenthal in "Somebody Feed Phil."

Food is never far from the top of Rosenthal’s mind. The “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator has reinvented himself as a traveling food personality on his Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil,” on which he’s traveled the globe sampling local cuisines with friends and food personalities over seven seasons, the most recent of which debuted on the streamer in March.


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