European Road Trip Of The Month: Albania


Going on a road trip is an ideal way to clear your mind, and Europe offers plenty of idyllic locations for you to explore. A country that’s worth visiting is Albania because there are lots of wonderful places to see. It’s an underrated locale that’s steadily growing in popularity. With beautiful beaches, historic towns and gorgeous scenery, Albania is worth checking out. We’re listing some of the best sites in the country.


Start your road trip off in the capital city of Tirana, which is a thriving cultural hub. While you’re in the city, you should visit Skanderbeg Square, which contains the Clock Tower and the National History Museum. You’ll be able to access the top of the Clock Tower and get amazing views of the entire city. If you fancy getting some good food, then you’ll want to head over to the Blloku district that has some of the best restaurants in the city. The architecture throughout Tirana is stunning, so you’ll have plenty of photographic opportunities.

Mount Dajti

Head outside of the city to Mount Dajti and you’ll be treated to spectacular views of Tirana and beyond. You can reach the top of the mountain by taking the Dajti Ekspres cable car. There’s the chance to see all kinds of wildlife, from wolves to wild cats. The natural beauty of Mount Dajti makes it one of Albania’s most picturesque locations.


Found 21 miles west of Tirana, Durres is an ancient city that houses Albania’s main port. Durres has popular beaches that come alive during the warmer months, making summer an ideal time to visit. Away from the sea, there are other sites worth seeing, like the Durres Archaeological Museum. It contains artefacts from Ancient Greece and Rome.


Known as ‘The Town of a Thousand Windows,’ Berat is another ancient town that’s worth visiting for its heritage. Berat gets its nickname from the old manor houses with their many windows. You should check out the The Kala, a fortress within the town that played an important role in Albania’s military history. There’s also the old districts of Mangalem and Gorica, with their white stone houses and terracotta tiles. The districts are connected by the Gorica Bridge, which is steeped in folklore.


Gjirokaster has a fairytale quality, as seen from its quirky, stone architecture. A stand out location is Gjirokaster fortress, which overlooks the town. Every five years the fortress is used for the National Folklore Festival to celebrate Albanian culture. There’s traditional music and dancing that gives an insight into the country’s history.

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