British tourists in Canada given safety warning including sudden outbreaks of fire


There is a lot for holidaymakers to explore in Canada, from beautiful natural landscapes to lively cities.

However, Britons travelling to the country should be aware of severe weather conditions that could pose a risk to anyone in the country during the summer months.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) shared a fire warning for Britons in the country.

It said: “Wildfires can start at any time, whatever the season, although there is particular risk of fire in the grasslands and forests of western Canada during the summer months.

Toronto city

A weather warning is in place across Canada


“In summer 2023 there were also significant fires in eastern Canada, including parts of Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

“You should follow local warnings or news for details on the latest outbreaks. The Canadian Wildland Fire Information System shows active wildfires and forecasts. You can also monitor wildfire smoke and air quality on the Government of Canada’s website.”

Wildfires were reported in western Canada earlier this month, with evacuations ordered in some areas.

Wildfires can happen at any time of the year and holidaymakers are warned to be vigilant and follow official advice if this takes place near them.

The FCDO has shared further weather advice as tornadoes are likely in Canada between May and September, particularly in the summer months.

It said: “Tornadoes can happen anywhere in Canada from May to September, but June to July is the peak season in southern Ontario, Alberta, south-eastern Quebec, southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba through to Thunder Bay, and the interior of British Columbia and western New Brunswick.

“Follow instructions from Canadian officials or law enforcement. Check the US National Hurricane Center for weather updates.”

This comes as Britons in Mexico are warned about political demonstrations that could pose a safety risk.

​Demonstrations may take place because of the upcoming elections, potentially affecting the safety of British tourists.


Quintana Roo, Mexico

There is an ongoing warning for Mexico


The FCDO said: “Mexico will hold national elections on June 2, 2024. There may be an increase in political demonstrations and travel disruptions, such as roadblocks or disputes between supporters.

“Avoid demonstrations and move away quickly. Be aware of the potential for disruption and monitor local media.

“It is illegal for foreigners to participate in political activities in Mexico. Participation in demonstrations may result in detention and deportation.

“Politically motivated violence can happen across the country. Onlookers can be quickly drawn in. You should monitor local media and avoid all demonstrations. If you come across protests, move away from the area.”


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