Bodybuilding Veteran Reveals the Ultimate Trick to Workout While Travelling Using an Outrageous Equipment: “30 Minutes of This Type of Stuff Is Wonderful”


Former IFBB pro, Lee Priest, is known for his grand finesse, which once outperformed The King of bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman himself. Therefore, his tips and advice on fitness have been highly sought after since then. The athlete recently enlightened the bodybuilding community with a simple yet useful workout that fitness enthusiasts may resort to while traveling or when in no sight of a gym. 

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Traveling can be a great excuse to take a break from diets and training. However, Priest is here to diminish that excuse with his bodybuilding expertise, per a post by IFBB AMA on YouTube.

Lee Priest’s interesting tips and tricks to build muscle while traveling


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As per the recent video, the 50-year-old athlete took the opportunity to address a not-so-talked-about matter relating to fitness. He revealed how, even while traveling, one can accomplish their daily fitness objectives with strange things around a living space. Priest claimed that only half an hour of these workouts, using strange equipment can give comparable results to a gym workout. 

“I want you to know that when you’re traveling doing stuff around the world for business, for work even holidays, you only get time to go to a gym, 30 minutes of this type of stuff is wonderful,” he shared. The Australian athlete noted that he had used it a lot of times backstage, amid contests. 

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To pump up the lats, Priest encouraged a workout using a towel.  He suggested, “If you’ve got someone with you who wants to train, use a towel…to get on the other end of the towel and you pull it back and forth like a towel like you’re fighting over a towel.” This is the grand workout that might help others when traveling. On the other hand, the star athlete recently revealed his insights on the modern generation of bodybuilders. 

Lee Priest compares the past and the present


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Talking to RxMuscle in a YouTube interview yesterday, he candidly chatted about the current state of bodybuilding and the genre of athletes. He did not seem quite impressed with the athletes as he got overwhelmed with his critical remarks, deeming the competitors equivalent to “pot plants” on stage. 

With a high regard for past competitors, Priest claims that he doesn’t even know the names of today’s bodybuilders. “You know every pro show was top-quality guys minus Mr. Olympia. Now, everyone gets a trophy bu**sh*t,” he told, speaking of the emerging differences in the quality of the sport. 


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What do you think of The Blond Myth’s unique workout suggestion? Are you going to try it out when traveling? Share with us in the comments. 


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