Aloo Baingan on world’s 100 worst-rated foods list: Check 10 most-hated dishes


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Aloo Baingan, an Indian staple, equally loved and hated by many takes the 60th spot on Tasteatlas’ list of 100 worst-rated dishes in the world. The experiential travel online guide has been successively releasing lists of best and worst foods, recipes, restaurants, desserts etc. While quite a few Indian dishes have been earlier ranked in the best dishes in the world, along with restaurants and recipes, the addition of aloo baingan has stirred quite a storm in the country. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the 10 worst dishes that take the top 10 spot. The list starts in reverse chronolgy, with rank 100, then 99, so on and so forth. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 100.  Dish: Yaksik | Country: South Korea | Hailing from South Korea, 100 Yaksik finds itself on the list of the worst-rated dishes, its ranking reflecting a dissatisfaction with this traditional sweet rice cake, possibly due to its preparation or taste profile. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No. 99. Dish: Sekihan | Country: Japan | With origins in Japan, 99 Sekihan, a dish of red rice steamed with azuki beans, earns a spot among the least favored. Criticisms may stem from its acquired taste or the specific combination of ingredients. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 98. Dish: Boles de picolat | Country:  Spain | Spain’s Boles de picolat, a Catalan meatball dish, faces low ratings, indicating a potential discord with its flavors or preparation techniques, leading to its placement on the list of least-appreciated dishes. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 97. Dish: Pincho ensaladilla rusa | Country: Spain | Another entry from Spain, the Pincho ensaladilla rusa, a potato salad served on a skewer, receives poor reviews, possibly due to a dissatisfaction with its taste or the execution of this traditional Spanish tapa. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 96. Dish: Chinese Mitten Crab | Country China | Originating from China, the Chinese Mitten Crab finds itself among the worst-rated dishes globally, possibly due to its acquired taste or specific preparation methods, leading to disappointment among diners. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 95. Dish: Fiambre | Country: Guatemala | Hailing from Guatemala, Fiambre, a traditional dish served on All Saints’ Day, makes its way onto the list of least favored dishes, indicating a divergence in taste preferences or dissatisfaction with its complex combination of ingredients. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 94. Dish: Inipit | Country: Philippines | Inipit, a Filipino pastry, receives low ratings globally, possibly due to its specific taste profile or texture, contributing to its unfavorable standing among culinary preferences. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 93. Dish: Bourbon Ball | Country: United States | Originating from the United States, the Bourbon Ball, a sweet confection, ranks among the worst-rated dishes globally, indicating a potential discord with its taste or texture, leading to its diminished appeal. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 92. Dish: Lawar |  Country: Indonesia | Lawar, a traditional minced meat dish, faces low ratings globally, suggesting a possible misalignment with international taste preferences or a specific aspect of its preparation. (Image: Shutterstock)


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No 91. Dish: Hongeo | Country: South Korea | The South Korean Hongeo, fermented skate fish, earns a place among the worst-rated dishes, possibly due to its strong and acquired taste, leading to polarized opinions and a lower overall rating. (Image: Shutterstock)


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