10 Anti-theft Essentials to Keep Your Wallet Safe


Losing your wallet is one calamity that no traveler should ever have to experience, whether you’re exploring in a foreign country or just going out for a day of running errands in your hometown or city. Thankfully, there are precautions that you can take to make this a less likely occurrence, and many clever hacks for keeping your wallet safe are hiding among the pages of products available at Amazon.

From wallets equipped with clasps to RFID-blocking purses, we’ve gathered the 10 best safety items available at Amazon right now that will make even the most forgetful traveler feel secure with their belongings. And with prices starting as low as $10, you don’t have to invest in a state-of-the-art security system to make sure that theft is the last thing on your mind during your adventures.

Travelon RFID-Blocking Undergarment Waist Pouch


Keeping your valuables close to your body is one of the best ways to guarantee that you don’t lose anything to theft, and this simple waist pouch is a sleek solution that’s designed to be worn beneath your clothing for an added layer of protection. Made with RFID-blocking material that prevents your credit card and ID information from being electronically stolen, this bag is designed with travelers in mind — and right now it’s even on sale for just $12. Lightweight, reliable, and with plenty of space to spare, this bag is an asset for keeping your wallet protected during sightseeing days and beyond.

Vadoo Anti-Theft Sling Bag


If you want your belongings to remain accessible while still staying close to your chest, look no further than this anti-theft sling bag from Vadoo. The simple yet surprisingly spacious bag boasts several hidden pockets that are perfect for storing your valuables, while the long, adjustable strap allows it to be worn in a secure crossbody style. Best of all, it’s ideal for the rainy spring weather thanks to a high-quality waterproof Oxford cloth material that will keep your items dry even in a surprise downpour.

Chensprx Store Minimalist RFID-Blocking Wallet With Lanyard


This best-selling lanyard wallet is ideal for minimalist travelers looking for a no-fuss place to store their cards and cash that’s both safe and secure. It’s made with an RFID-blocking exterior that is essential in the age of digital technology, while the interior of the pouch has enough room for up to eight cards alongside an ID window. A water-resistant, ripstop exterior will hold up even during the most strenuous adventures, and to top it all off, you can easily clip this wallet to the interior of your purse or backpack to provide an additional level of security from theft.

Tile Slim Bluetooth Wallet Tracker


The best way to keep your wallet truly safe is to keep tabs on it at all times, and you can do this with the help of the Tile Wallet Tracker which is currently on sale at Amazon for $32 thanks to a special on-site coupon. The slim and easy-to-use device simply slides into a pocket of your wallet and is able to track up to a 250-foot range, so you can locate your billfold even when it’s tucked deep into your bag or lost in your hotel room. Plus, you can track the most recent locations you’ve visited with your wallet, making it finally possible to retrace your steps in the case that it did get lost.

Baggallini Original Everyday Bag


This basic black purse from Baggallini is designed specifically for busy travelers, as evidenced by the RFID-blocking exterior, built-in theft-proof pockets, and reliable crossbody design. Adjustable straps make this purse comfy and easy to carry while taking in the views of a new city, and machine washable material means you can clean away the residue of your trip upon your arrival at home. And since it features a soft cloth exterior, this bag can be easily tucked into your carry-on during the actual travel day without ever compromising its shape or form.

Jasgood Travel Security Money Belt


Should you choose to forgo traveling with a wallet entirely, this sneaky money belt is an excellent alternative that also happens to be incredibly functional in its initial intended role of holding up your pants. The nylon material is accented with a subtle hidden pouch that offers just enough room to store your cash while you’re on the go, and a high-quality plastic buckle will remain intact even after extended use. You’ll be able to keep your hands free without worrying about fussing with a purse, plus, it’ll even remain useful in your everyday life as well. 

IPO Waterproof Cash Bag With Lock


Cautious travelers will be happy to have this locked money bag packed and ready to go to protect their valuable belongings, and with a water-resistant exterior and a key locking function, you can rest assured that there’s nothing (and no one) that can get in without your knowledge. Sitting at 11 inches by 8.6 inches, this slim pouch offers ample space for everything from a bulky wallet to your passport and phone, ultimately providing complete peace of mind no matter where you’re traveling. No safe in your hotel? No problem. 

Elzama Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket


This infinity scarf turned secret purse is travel innovation at its finest, and is an excellent way to safely store your wallet and other essentials without carrying a bag. The stylish wrap will naturally elevate any outfit while traveling during the spring months — not to mention keep you warm — while a hidden zippered pocket within the folds of the scarf gives enough space to safely tuck your wallet and phone without ever being detected by other travelers. To top it all off, this timeless piece is available in 16 gorgeous colors for a mere $15. 

Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt


No matter if you’re gearing up for a run or a day of sightseeing, this form fitting money belt is a great way to keep your wallet and other belongings close to your body and protected from theft or getting lost. This surprisingly spacious pouch features 8-inch wide pockets alongside a secure zippered pouch that can hold an impressive volume of items, from your phone and passport, to a spare pair of sunglasses and some snacks. Wear it under your clothing for a pickpocket-proof solution for traveling, and you’ll be able to forget you even have anything on thanks to the ultra-soft, stretchy fabric.

FurArt Credit Card Keychain Wallet


A wallet that can clip to the inside of your bag is naturally going to be more secure and difficult for thieves to grab ahold of, and this best-selling option from FurArt is the perfect choice — and a mere $10. After earning more than 43,500 five-star ratings at Amazon, it’s safe to say that this compact wallet is a shopper-loved selection, with one customer even noting that it was “everything” that they “needed for travel” and has even become their “go-to” in everyday life. With ample space for your vital cards alongside an RFID-blocking exterior, this wallet is a diamond in the rough of safe travel accessories. 

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